Tuesday, March 21, 2017

More sabbatical reflections

The last couple of weeks of my sabbatical have been about spending time with family and friends as well as time to read, for reflection and of course time for God.

I spent a happy morning with my mentor, talking about  some of the things I've thought about, what I miss and don't miss about circuit ministry (and how that impacts on my move to Walsall in September) and other things to reflect on further during my sabbatical (and beyond) ...and came away feeling very positive about the future.

The same day, I went with friends into Birmingham for a meal and a see the musical Billy Elliott, which was brilliant. Telling the story of a boy going against everything that was expected of him, and his background to follow his dream of becoming a ballet dancer. Fantastic watching the dynamics of his relationship with family and friends and many a tear was shed, and the audience gave a standing ovation at the end. The below photo is of us enjoying (a non alcoholic) cocktail and meal before the show.

Last week I, along with my dad travelled to Iceland on the hunt for the northern light. We stayed just outside Reykjavik. Although the hotel was lovely, the rooms were standard and very small, there wasn't really anywhere to hang or place clothes and so we had to put stuff on the floor or keep it in the suitcase (which was stowed under the bed), It would have been fine for a night or two but after 5 nights we ended up with cabin fever.

But it was the northern lights we were there to see - and sadly the boat trip we were going on out, was cancelled for the first 3 nights due to the weather conditions, but on Thursday evening we wrapped up warm and headed out and within minutes of us leaving the bay, we say them. My dad was disappointed as he expected to see the lights he had seen on the TV - but in reality they was mainly green clouds with a couple of flashing lights. However it was the best they had seen for a while -the photo's don't really do them justice, but I was a happy girl!

 (view from our hotel)

 (The white line of light appeared occasionally)

Other than that I've dealt with some admin, caught up with a few people and taken the car in for it's first MOT. I've also finished typing up the sketches and poems I have that my mum wrote, and they have now been sent to my sister and brother in law who will proof read them for me. .. next task is to illustrate them with photos (either ones I have or find things to take which will be suitable).

Tomorrow Andrew and I head off for a few days away "down south" along with Paisley, and we look forward to spending some time together, before I head off back to Launde Abbey on Monday for another 2 weeks.

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