Sunday, March 5, 2017

Leaving Launde

In a few hours I will have left Launde and be at home again ...

I have really loved my time at Launde and living in the community - there is something special about this place... and look forward to coming back in 3 weeks for another 2 weeks of volunteering.

I have had some really good conversations this week, with staff and guests. This week we had the Methodist Probationers in from Lincoln & Grimsby, Derby, Norfolk and Bedfordshire, Essex and Hertfordshire Districts - although I had chats with many of them, I specifically appreciated the conversations about life, ministry and faith I had with Julian Pursehouse, the chair of the East Anglia District and Roger Walton, the president of conference. It was good to reflect with them about ministry, sabbatical and spending time with God. It was also special to share communion with them on Thursday morning.

As much as I have enjoyed being here, and really looking forward to coming back, I am ready to go home and see Andrew and Paisley again. I know they are both missing me... and it will be good to be back with them.

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