Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Have we lost the plot?

Over on AOL, they ask the question is it okay to tell kids there is no Santa? They talk about the recent Littlewoods advert, that shows a nativity style school assembly, talking about the presents they and the family got, and asking who bought / got them for them ... the answer being "my lovely lovely mother". Aol has decided it is a good idea to try and wind people up (as they often do) by implying that the advert is denying the existence of santa and suggest the advery should be banned.

Reading some of the comments, people are really getting their knickers in a twist! Some are furious that they dare show the advet, others are just plain rude (sadly as often is the case especially on AOL) - but others are annoyed at the advert because it only mentions the more expensive items. Others slate it because it has no bearing to the real meaning of Christmas and that is brilliant to see but although I haven't yet read all the comments (and don't intend to!) there seems to no question of the idea that Littlewoods, if indeed they were trying to prove that point, were in fact telling the truth!!!

It's amusing that people can wound up about the fact their children might learn the truth about Santa - when they have brought it on themselves by telling the lie in the first place.

When I was young (and not so young - okay even now) .... I loved the whole drama around santa, but we always knew he didn't exist. We didn't miss out on anything, but probably had even more fun, because our parents wisely told us not to let on we knew the truth, because others didn't!

Like others who commented on AOL,  I like the littlewoods advert - because the kids are cute and whether it denies the existance of santa or not, it certainly implies that the "lovely mother" has responsibility for buying presents.

However having just looked back at AOL - the most recent comment, seems to be denying any personal responsibility - it says "I think its terrible, my daughters 11 and still beleives. Infact I had a dilemmia just recently she wanted to know why Santa didn't give presents to the hungry children in African, since we have to and so is her school sending gifts, I am still looking for the answer myself. Maybe its because large companies fail to share their profits with the people and corrupt people in power have large bank accounts. Its easy then for them to forget about Santa.. a very sad world indeed.
I still believe..."

What hope have our children got when parents deceive them, and even put the blame on large companies for the lack of believe in santa. The children in Africa, do not have presents because they don't believe in Santa, or because large companies show a particular advert - they do not have presnts because we (and that includes large companies) are too greedy and don't take responsibility for the rest of the world. The bible says that when God created people he gave them responsibility for the garden and everything in it ... it is up to us as God's creation to take responsibility for the whole world. But does that really mean, we can't tell people truth about Santa, because others may be upset about it?????

Sorry rant over ......

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