Sunday, April 10, 2011

Thoughts on today ..

It's been a good day - we tried something new at church this morning - the service was based around the godly play story "The Mystery of Easter" .. .(ably led by one of our sunday school leaders) --- using the colours purple and white to reflect on the sad and happy, purple and white of easter  and the fact that in the midst off  the sadness celebration of eater, comes joy. We then gave people time to reflect in word, thought or craft. The majority of the response to the service was positive with some good constructive comments about how we could make it better NEXT time we do it....

The rest of the day was spent at a 30th birthday afternoon tea and then I took an evening service in a small village, asking them to reflect on their own jouney through Lent, as we journed with Jesus from His baptism, His time in the wilderness, the calling of the disciples and how Jesus made a difference to Matthew the tax collectors life.

It has been a good day ... except for one part ... which I'm not sure I'm annoyed or gobsmacked about... during the morning service whilst people were talking or being creative .. I wandered around the room to see how people were getting on ... I went to one table where a mum and very new baby were sitting ... when a man at the other end of the table lent over and said - it'll be you next Rachel ... meaning having a baby ... This is not the first time he has said this to me .. the first time was just a few weeks after our wedding...

If people want to make a comment about the service - that's fine and I am pleased with the conversations I had with people who found this morning helpful and those who didn't ... but I find this type of personal comment offensive... . he doesn't know me or my circumstances... nor will he every hear them .. but people should really think about what they say before opening their mouth.... I was very controlled - but made the comment that he really ought to think hard before he comes out with comments like that in the future ... but came close to wanting to hit him,

What I wonder is it because I'm "young(ish)" or because I'm the "minister" that people feel they can make such personal comments .... and do they really realise what they are saying .. or think they can get away with saying anything because I'm the minister... I also wondering whether I should now ignore the comment or let him know why I find his comment offensive.. or whether I'm just being too senstive!!!

Oh well, I'm sticking with the positives of the day and thinking that it has been a good day ... and thanking God for all he has done in it.

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  1. sounds good and tough, as for being honest with members of the congregation, sometimes it helps...