Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Communion'ed out!

I was taking a service last week and was told that I have 2 voices when I preaching - a conversational one which is lovely to listen to (Apparently) and then a different voice when I'm reading liturgy (I hesitate to say liturgical voice!) which he says is monotonous and goes flat.

I'm not complaining about his comments, for he did it in a lovely contrustive way, but it has made me think. I think part of it comes from taking so many communion services - having taken 6 communion services in 7 days ... I feel a bit communioned out.... it's a hazard of the job, I guess - but a problem if other people notice it!

I am grateful for a couple of weeks now, where I have no communion service to take, to rest, reflect and pray that my creativeness and love for communion returns - maybe then the voice will be a bit enthusastic!!!


  1. Do you ever do an extempore communion? Just a thought....

  2. yes I do sally - but also find that it needs more work - as I don't dare risk doing it without notes!